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Atari Computer Books

Books related to the Atari line of computers, including the Atari 400, 800, ST, XL and XE. Subjects covered include software, hardware, programming, design, and copy protection. Scanned by a wide range of contributors. Many of these items came from the efforts of


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Folkscanomy Computer: Books on Computers and Programming
Folkscanomy: A Library of Books
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atari 107
color 70
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data 62
goto 53
print 53
poke 49
computer 48
machine language 47
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atari basic 37
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display list 32
gosub 26
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atari computer 22
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horizontal position 11
memory location 11
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floating point 10
program recorder 10
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address 9
source code 9
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print print 8
ram 8
return key 8
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chapter 7
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cyber studio 5
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missile 5
pin 5
random number 5
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setcolor 5
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system reset 5
advanced graphics 4
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arcade games 4
atari program 4
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hello hello 4
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language program 4
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machine hardware 4
macro assembler 4
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object code 4
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string variables 4
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subscripted variables 4
toll free 4
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Atari 400 3
Atari 8-bit 3
Atari 800 3
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cassette tape 3
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Date Published
Topics: program, basic, address, hex, bytes, appendix, memory, lda, byte, addressing, vic micromon, simple...
The Atari Users Encyclopedia
Topics: atari, program, basic, data, disk, computer, memory, file, graphics, atari basic, atari computer,...
Topics: atari, program, basic, disk, memory, graphics, computer, data, atari basic, file, computer...
Atari Software 1984
Topics: game, disk, program, graphics, entertainment, documentation, rating, hardware, error, atari, error...
A nice book on programming the Atari computer
Topic: atari computer programming retro
( 1 reviews )
Topics: atari, computer, ram, cpu, console, rom, figure, test, screen, pwr, pwr supp, power supply, ceramic...
Book of Atari Software 1984
Topics: game, disk, program, graphics, documentation, rating, atari, error, hardware, handling, error...
Atari Computer Books
The Blue Book
Topics: atari, program, bluebook, disk, requires, cassette, basic, computer, programs, math, blue book,...
Topics: lda, jsr, sta, statement, ldy, stack, variable, syn, code, byte, execute expression, lda sta,...
Topics: game, disk, program, graphics, documentation, rating, atari, entertainment, error, hardware, basic...
Topics: data, lda, sta, goto, jsr, gosub, poke, program, lda sta, disk, tom hudson, vertical blank, sta...
Topics: poke, data, inv, gosub, atari, atascii, goto, program, data data, graphics, super textplot,...
Topics: lda, lads, code, byte, label, bytes, program, source, atari, sta, main loop, format opcode, source...
Topics: program, print, atari, statement, display, graphics, input, file, disk, atari computer, disk drive,...
Topics: atari, program, data, disk, memory, bytes, byte, basic, poke, file, atari computers, atari dos,...
Topics: fig, dup, word, stack, curs, afb, scr, loop, atari, address, rot rot, return stack, top numbers,...
Topics: program, atari, print, statement, display, graphics, file, input, disk, atari computer, disk drive,...
Topics: atari, graphics, poke, color, memory, data, program, display, display list, disk, machine language,...
Katherine D. Peel The Concise Atari ST 6800 Programmer's Reference Guide Glentop Press Ltd. 1986 Acrobat 7 Pdf 14.1 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Topics: Computing, Hardware, TOS, GEM BIOS, BDOS, VDI, GEM AES, Joystick, Blitter, Line-A
Topics: stp, program, enter, memory, square, cubic, display, location, programming, stack, type comments,...
Topics: poke, goto, data, graphics, program, screen, sound, atari, turtle graphics, mode, systems guide,...
Topics: poke, atari, screen, bytes, graphics, location, locations, byte, mode, color, floating point, entry...
Topics: program, memory, accumulator, language, instruction, loop, hex, debug, byte, decimal, carry bit,...
Topics: data, poke, position, goto, analog, return, atari, gosub, analog computing, lda, byte array, basic...
The Software Finder
Topics: apple, pract, skills, tutorial, disk, pet, software, game, drill, math, skills pract, rote drill,...
a book on programming the atari computer
Topic: atari computer programming retro
Topics: lda, sta, graphics, screen, missile, byte, color, player, bne, data, vertical blank, screen memory,...
InfoWorlds Essential Guide to Atari
Topics: atari, program, computer, disk, software, programs, data, screen, printer, basic, atari computer,...
Atari 800XL Field Service Manual
Topics: pin, manual, data, bus, antic, rom, computer, cpu, field, atari, service manual, field service, pin...
Basic Programs for the Atari 600XL and 800XL
Topics: goto, data, program, input, computer, atari, programs, graphics, color, print, random number, delay...
Atari Computer Books
by K. Gerits, L. Englisch & R. Bruckmann
K. Gerits, L. Englisch & R. Bruckmann Anatomy of the Atari ST ( Atari ST Internals ) First Publishing Ltd 1985 Acrobat 7 Pdf 17.9 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Topics: Computer, Atari ST, 68000, 68901, 6850, MIDI, MFP, ACIA, YM2149
101 Programming Surprises and Tricks for Your Atari Computer
Topics: print, poke, position, goto, gosub, sound, setcolor, data, program, return program, print print,...
Topics: goto, print, program, gosub, player, data, poke, ctrl, adventure, adventures, memory location, esc...
Atari Program Exchange Catalog (Fall 1983)
Topics: atari, program, diskette, order, basic, ram, apx, joystick, media, requires, price order, media...
Topics: color, display, program, mode, atari, ram, byte, screen, bytes, graphics, serial bus, floating...
Topics: program, binary, data, computer, atari, input, decimal, print, decimal number, basic, binary...
Topics: poke, lda, gosub, sta, goto, color, jsr, player, drawto, character set, data data, machine...
Topics: print, program, goto, graphics, color, plot, atari, gosub, atari basic, input, basic skills, text...
Topics: instruction, byte, memory, lda, sta, display, program, atari, assembly language, assembly, memory...
Topics: atari, computer, software, program, programs, terminal, president, bbs, modem, free, bulletin...
Topics: data, program, memory, lda, return, sta, byte, gosub, rts, address, post office, rem process, data...
Topics: byte, proc, program, variable, string, editor, loop, compiler, pointer, array, data type, card...
Topics: atari, statement, program, color, graphics, data, disk, file, character, basic, atari basic, open...
Topics: poke, goto, data, lda, program, atari, sta, ooo, machine language, gosub, character set, letter...
Topics: poke, atari, display, memory, graphics, color, language, program, assembly language, data, atari...
Topics: data, program, graphics, goto, chapter, atari, color, poke, advanced graphics, gosub, resident...
Computes First Book of Atari
Topics: program, atari, graphics, print, variable, color, basic, poke, byte, atari basic, machine language,...
Atari 2600 TIA Technical Manual
Topics: horizontal, graphics, registers, output, serial, color, microprocessor, vertical, playfield,...
Inside Atari DOS
Topics: sector, lda, sta, file, byte, jsr, fms, buffer, atari, data, atari dos, sector number, number...
Atari Roots A Guide to Atari Assembly Language
Topics: program, atari, memory, assembly, language, address, binary, instruction, assembler, code, assembly...
Topics: computer, variable, character, player, subroutine, key, checks, position, character set, screen,...
Topics: print, data, program, atari, basic, statement, goto, computer, atari basic, input, input statement,...
Topics: data, poke, goto, gosub, color, graphics, return, program, data data, chapter, data dictionary,...
Topics: program, print, graphics, basic, color, poke, data, atari, atari basic, gosub, atabi basic, memory...
Topics: proc, array, routines, toolkit, real, routine, allows, procedure, data, pointer, routine allows,...
Topics: graphics, poke, screen, location, locations, bytes, byte, mode, color, memory, system reset, screen...
Atari 130XE Games Book
Topics: data, poke, return, goto, print, gosub, program, position, chexsum, programming suggestions, main...
tiny-c manual
Topics: program, char, function, character, int, pps, statement, returned, manual, random, compound...
Atari System Reference Manual
Topics: byte, mode, graphics, bytes, screen, player, data, disk, color, command, floating point, game...
Topics: visicalc, figure, column, entry, sheet, chapter, command, enter, atari, cursor, atari edition,...
APX20102 - Atari Pascal Language System manual
Topics: file, pascal, atari, procedure, variable, program, var, type, data, string, atari pascal, window...
Advanced Atari BASIC Tutorial
Topics: data, program, atari, string, print, basic, file, display, disk, atari basic, basic tutorial,...
Atari OMNIVIEW manual
Topics: tbe, ramdisk, omniview, ramrod, chip, ram, socket, motherboard, screen, install, screws holding,...
Topics: figure, program, plot, atari, statement, data, color, subroutine, graphics mode, loop, atari basic,...
Topics: poke, data, graphics, goto, screen, mode, color, program, display list, player, data area, press...
Topics: lda, program, jsr, sta, contents, bne, cmp, address, rts, atari, machine language, decimal number,...
Atari Basic Programs In Minutes
Topics: program, programs, figure, gosub, print, atari, data, screen, ren, basic programs, atari basic,...
Programmers s Reference Guide for the Atari 400 800 Computers
Topics: row, color, atari, screen, basic, program, code, character, ram, atari basic, control block,...
Topics: print, program, goto, drawto, computer, screen, input, listing, atari, sprint, random number,...
Topics: lda, sta, equ, jsr, program, rts, atari, buffer, dfb, epz, lda sta, sta lda, bmi cerr, jsr print,...
Electronic Computer Projects for Commodore and Atari Soori Sivakumaran
Topics: print, program, wire, pin, poke, data, commodore, logic, light, control port, light sensor, rem...
Atari BASIC XL Edition
Topics: atari, color, program, goto, computer, graphics, screen, data, edition, press, atari key, atari...
Mapping the Atari
Topics: poke, atari, screen, locations, byte, graphics, bytes, location, color, mode, display list, machine...
Atari OSS BASIC A+ 3.1 manual
Topics: basic, print, atari, ram, tha, string, player, program, format, missile, atari basic, format field,...
Topics: graphics, color, poke, data, atari, screen, character, mode, data data, modes, graphics techniques,...